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Mr. Gerome & Mr. Goodman’s Seventh Grade Social Studies Classes

Welcome to Social Studies and the seventh grade! This year we will be covering a variety of topics starting and will begin with a review of the river valley civilizations. Then, we'll begin our journey as we learn about the Ancient Greeks and Romans, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and end the school year with the Age of . We'll also continually take a look at various legacies and practices from early civilizations and analyze how they have helped shaped our American culture as well as other cultures from around the world.Throughout your seventh grade year at Harmon, you will have numerourous oportunities to demonstrate what you have learned in a variety of different ways. Your completion of all assignments and assessments are expected to reflect that of an effective student and we expect that you always put forth your very best effort. In addition to the formal knowledge gained this year, you will work on sharpening your critical thinking, organizational, and study skills. This will help make this year at Harmon the best it can be and begin to help prepare you for later grades and lifelong goals!

Grade Weight Categories:

Assignments 40%

Assessments 60%

How to Contact Us:You can reach us by both voice mail and via e-mail.