Election 2012

Mock Election Ballot: Vote in this year's Election by following the link below.


Political Party Survey and Road to the White House
What Political Party am I?
8 Steps to the White House

Issues for the election:
Decision Time
Nickelodeon - Kids Pick the President
CNN on the Issues
Video clips on the candidates positions

DEBATE #1 - View in order
Debate #1 quick clips
Best Zingers from Debate #1
Fact Checking the 1st Debate

Electoral College Map
Where are the candidates today?

Interactive Geography Practice Sites:
National Geographic
Interactive Quizzes
US and World Geography
Map Games
Geo Spy
Geo Sense

September 11th: What really happened?

Nick News: "What Happened? The Story of September 11, 2001"

Get More: Nick News Episodes,Nick News,Nick News Games

Constitution Day

Constitution Materials Use this page 1st!!!
*Make sure to take the Const. I.Q. quiz, Look at the Fascinating Facts and Find out which founding father you are*
Constitution Road Map
National Archives - Constitution Day
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Const Day Thank You note.docx
Const Day Thank You note.docx

Const Day Thank You note.docx

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